3-15v Quad Four-element PIR Sensor G2x2


The G2X2 is a quad-four-element PIR sensor module that can be used as a replacement for Excelitas PYQ1348/PYQ1398 PIR sensors. PIR sensors detect changes in infrared radiation levels, such as the presence or movement of a warm-bodied object, and can be used in a variety of applications including security systems, occupancy detection, and lighting control.

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The G2X2 sensor operates on a voltage range of 3-15V DC and consumes less than 3mA of current. It has a detection range of up to 8 meters and a detection angle of 120 degrees. The sensor outputs a signal that can be either high (3V-15V) or low (0V) depending on whether or not a detection event is occurring.

The quad-four-element design of the G2X2 sensor provides improved sensitivity and accuracy compared to single-element sensors, allowing for more reliable detection and reducing the likelihood of false alarms. The G2X2 sensor is designed to be a drop-in replacement for the Excelitas PYQ1348/PYQ1398 sensors, making it an easy upgrade for existing systems.
Quad Elements
Same horizontal and vertical detection angles
Slight movement can be detectable
Low power Consumption

Model No. G2X2
Usage Security, Lighting appliances, Air conditioner
Total I/O pins 3
Maximum Supply Voltage (V) 3-15V
Technology MOSFET (Metal Oxide)
Window size 4*4mm
Delay Time non-adjustable
Sensitivity(S) high sensitivity,adjustable
Operating Temperature (°C) -30℃~70℃
CDS non-photocell CDS


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