– > We are sourcing and manufacturing parts using this foam core material

 – > Highest Performance Sandwich Core Material. Next only to Honeycomb
 – > Closed Cell Structure for minimal resin uptake during composites layup process
 – > Offers Highest Specific Strength, Specific Modulus, Compressive Resistance, Creep Resistance, for a given density
 – > Other than metallic Aluminum and SS Honeycombs, PMI foam is the only polymeric core that are rated up to V1 – UL94 Flammability test. Making it suitable for use in Railways and safety critical systems
 – > We offer range of PMI foams for use in various applications

PMI Foam Available Grades


– Fire Resistant Grade
– Self Extinguishing Grade
– Suitable for Railways, Marine Applications, Aviation Interiors
– No Galvanic Corrosion.


– General Purpose Foam

– Suitable for use in Automotive, Shipbuilding and Sports Equipments


– Designed for Antenna Applications

– Extremely Low Dielectric Constants
– Favourable Transmission Properties
– Used for Radomes and Mammography Plates


– Designed for Vacuum Infusion and Resin Transfer Molding

– Cell Size is smaller to reduce the resin uptake
– Can be easily thermoformed or CNC Machined
– Available in complex 3D molded shapes


– Designed for Autoclave Processing, RTM and VARTM Process

– Can be Thermoformed, CNC Machined or molded into 3D Molded Shapes

Custom Shapes in PMI Foam Sandwich Construction


  • High Impact Resistant Profiles
  • High Bending and Torsional Stiffness and Rigidity
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