24GHz mmWave Radar Sensor – Human Static Presence Module


The mmWave Human Static Presence Radar Sensor Module is a self-contained module near distance sensor based on Infineon mmWave FMCW industrial radar operating at 24GHz. The unit is built with the enhanced Doppler radar signal processing mechanism and standard algorithm which enables distinguishing between the occupied and unoccupied conditions and identifying human activities in a self-adaption environment.

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It is an ideal solution for high-accurate, self-regulation, privacy-protected, secure biotic radar systems in individual applications, such as smart homes, human behave detecting, danger alarm.
Compared to the traditional PIR sensor, the Human Static Presence Module has more sensitivity to human activities like standing, moving, and falling. And because the transmitting wave is millimetre-level, it will remain functioning even shelter block. Not like the PIR sensor short responding, the module keeps sensing people continuously which makes it quite useful during the living room, hotel, or even prison.
Reliable tech: Infineon mmWave FMCW industrial radar
Enabled theory: Apply Doppler radar technology with Near Distance Sensor(NDS) operating at 24GHz
Standard algorithm: Distinguish occupied/unoccupied conditions and identify human activities in the self-adaption environment
Perfect privacy protection: Provide surveillance capabilities without identification
Flexible install location: Operate properly regardless of the shelter blocks
Harmless working status: Output 10 dBm harmless energy power
High accuracy: Decrease the interference of non-living objects and the output results achieve more than 95% accuracy
High robustness: Maintain proper functioning in a complex environment containing different temperatures, humidity, noise, air currents, dust, light and so on.
High performing antenna: Sense even micromotion in a fan-beam pattern where Horizontal90°/ Vertical60°
Measurement distance:
Motion perception maximum distance: up to 12 meters
Micromotion perception maximum distance: up to 5 meters
Body perception maximum distance: up to 3 meters
Detecting time:
Unoccupied to occupied status: within 0.5 seconds
Manned to unmanned status: above 1 minute
Customizable radar: Support secondary development including radar parameter, protocol, antenna, function

Power Supply 3.6~5V
Operating Current 90mA
Operating Frequency 24GHz
Detection Distance 9m
Equivalent Transmit Power 13-15dBM
Baud Rate 9600
Beam Angle 100*40°
Modulation Mode FMCW, CW
Operating Temperature Range -40~85℃


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