YDLIDAR TG30 Lidar – 360-degree Laser Range Scanner (30m)


YDLIDAR TG30 360° Laser Scanner (30 m). This Offers 360-degree omnidirectional scanning. Having a Compact structure, suitable for the integration. It Provides TOF (Time of Flight) ranging technology. Enclosed are housing and IP65 proof level.

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YDLIDAR TG is a 360-degree two-dimensional rangefinder developed by the YDLIDAR team. Based on the principle of TOF, it is equipped with related optics, electricity, and algorithm design to achieve high-frequency and high-precision distance measurement.
Robot navigation and obstacle avoidance
Industrial automation
Robot ROS teaching and research
Regional security
Smart transportation
Environmental scanning and 3D reconstruction
Commercial robot /Robot vacuum cleaner
360-degree omnidirectional scanning ranging distance measurement
Small distance error, stable performance and high accuracy
IP65 protection level
Strong resistance to ambient light interference
Industrial grade brush-less motor drive for stable performance
Laser power meets Class I laser safety standards
5-12Hz adaptive scanning frequency (support customization)
Photomagnetic fusion technology to achieve wireless communication, wireless power supply
Ranging frequency up to 20kHz (support customization)

Ranging Resolution (cm) 4
Ranging Frequency 20000 Hz
Motor Frequency 5-15 Hz
Ranging Distance 0.05-30 m
Scanning angle 360
Maximum Supply Voltage (V) 5.2 V
Working Current(uA) 400-480 mA
Interface VCC,GND,NC,Tx,Rx
UART Baudrate 512000
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -10 to 50
Laser wavelength 895-915 nm
Laser power 85W


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