YDLIDAR OS30A Depth Camera

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The OS30A 3D camera module uses the binocular structured light 3D imaging technology to obtain depth images and realizes the function of depth information modeling. And it is equipped with a dedicated depth calculation chip and is optimized for robot obstacle avoidance.

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The camera is compact in size, easy to integrate, and has a type C standard output interface, providing users with a high degree of flexibility. It can be adapted to complex environments such as total darkness environment, indoor strong light and weak light, backlight and smooth light, and semi-outdoor, and has a wide range of uses
1280*920 high-resolution image output
Depth map horizontal direction FOV 78°, meet the requirement of robots
Fearless ambient light interference
Deep calculation processors use high-performance dedicated chips
USB2.0 standard output interface

Power (W) 1.5
Baseline (mm) 45
Spectrum (nm) 830-850
Obstacle avoidance distance (cm) 20-250


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