YDLIDAR GS2 Linear array solid LiDAR Sensor


YDLIDAR GS2 is a Linear array of solid LiDAR (hereinafter referred to as GS2). Based on the principle of Triangulation, it is equipped with related optics, electricity, and algorithm design, to achieve 100 degrees high-precision laser distance measurement, and output point cloud data of the scanning environment.

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It can be used for robot obstacle avoidance, path planning, etc.
Robot obstacle avoidance
Obstacle avoidance of smart equipment
Navigation and obstacle avoidance of home service robots/vacuum clean robots
High accuracy, stable performance
High resolution of ranging angle, up to 0.6 degrees
Good obstacle avoidance effect, the smallest object with a diameter of 3mm can be
Wide detection range, no blind zone in combination, FOV up to 100 degrees
Small detection range blind area, detectable distance is 25mm~300mm
Class I eye safety
10000h Service life

Model GS2
Product Type Linear array solid LiDAR Sensor
Operating Voltage(V) 3.4 V
Operating Current (A) 95mA
Scan Angle 100°
Range Frequency 28Hz
Range Distance 25mm~300mm
Angle Resolution 0.6°
Baud rate 1500000bps
Life-time 10000h
Operating Temperature 40 ℃
Laser wavelength 860 nm
Laser power 25mW


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