Xylan Coating Fasteners

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We are proud to introduce ourselves as the Pioneers in Fluoropolymer / PTFE / Fluorocarbon Coated Fasteners, Studs, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Screws. Supplying PTFE Coated Fasteners HIGH TENSILE , STAINLESS STEEL AS PER VARIOUS GRADES. PTFE coated Stud bolts and Nuts best suited for installations in offshore platforms, petrochemical and chemical plants, installations near the sea and in corrosive environments. The resin-like bonded coating provides a low coefficient of friction and excellent resistance to many chemicals and acids. PTFE dry film provides lubricity, thus preventing galling in breaking out.

  • Acid Test Subjected to 720 Hours
  • Salt Fog Test Subjected to 720 Hours
  • Bromine Test exposed to Bromine Solution for 720 Hours
  • Caustic Test Subjected to 12.5 ph Caustic for 720 Hours


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