Winsen MQ131 High Concentration Ozone Gas Sensor


Ozone sensors design for monitoring ground-level ozone; known to irritate the nose and lungs Sensitive material of MQ131 gas sensor is semiconductor metallic oxide, which with high conductivity in clean air. When the ozone gas exists, the sensor’s conductivity gets lower along with the gas concentration rising.

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Users can convert the change of conductivity to correspond output signal of gas concentration through a simple circuit. MQ131 ozone gas sensor has high sensitivity to ozone, and also has sensitivity to strong oxide such as Cl2, NO2 &etc. It responses oppositely to organic interference gases.

Our ozone sensors and monitoring systems are widely used across a range of applications, from industrial hygiene to virus disinfection and the sterilization of commercial and residential buildings.
Small in size
Best quality product
High sensitivity, high resolution, low power consumption
Fast response time
Excellent stability
Long lifespan
Anti-poisons, anti-vapor interference

Model MQ131
Sensor Type Semiconductor
Standard Encapsulation Bakelite, Metal cap
Target Gas Ozone
Detection range 10~1000ppm Ozone
Tem. Humidity 20℃±2℃;55%±5%RH


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