Winsen MP901 Air-Quality Gas Sensor VOC Gas Sensor


Winsen Electronics, research and produce air quality monitoring gas sensor for home and office air cleaners, and fresh air system. MP901 gas sensor is for air quality. It adopts multilayer thick film manufacturing technology. The heater and metal oxide semiconductor material on the ceramic substrate of subminiature Al2O3 are fetched out by electrode down-lead, encapsulated in metal socket and cap.

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Conductivity of the sensor is affected by the concentration of target gas. The higher the concentration is, the higher conductivity of sensor gets. Users can adopt simple circuit to convert variation of conductivity into output signal corresponding to gas concentration.
High sensitivity to alcohol
lighter gas
paint: quick response and resume
low power consumption
simple detection circuit
good stability and long life

Model MP901
Sensor Type Semiconductor flat surfaced sensor
Standard Encapsulation Metal Cap
Detection range 1~50ppm
Temperature, humidity 20℃±2℃;65%±5%RH
Warm-up time More than 48 hours


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