Winsen MG812 Mini Size Solid Electrolyte CO2 Gas Sensor


MG812 gas sensor is chemical type gas sensor that adopts solid electrolyte cell principle, used to detect carbon dioxide. When sensors are exposed to CO2, battery is positive and negative electrode reaction, the sensor produces electromotive force between sensitive electrode and reference electrode, the output voltage signal can be detected carbon dioxide.

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CO2 Sensors are used to measure the levels of carbon dioxide (CO2). It is important to monitor this gas as it is an indicator of CO2 emission levels, ventilation quality and combustion industrial processes.
Small sizes
low power-consumption
high sensitivity and good selectivity
Less affection by temperature and humidity
Steady performance and repeatability

Model No MG812
Standard pack Metal shell
Target gas CO2
Detection range 350—10000ppmCO2
Heater voltage VH 5.0±0.1 V
Heater resistance RH 56.0±3Ω
Heater current IH 90±10mA
Heater consumption PH 450±50mW
Working temp Tao -20~50℃
Storage temp -20~70℃
Zero EMF 200-500mV
Output signal EMF ≧25mV/1000ppmCO2


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