Winsen F1031V Micro Flow Sensor for Ventilation-150 SLM


The Winsen F1031v Micro Flow Sensor uses the thermodynamic principle to detect the flow rate of the gas medium in the flow channel, with good precision and repeatability. Temperature sensors are built-in and every one product is calibrated for temperature compensation. At the same time, it has a linear analog voltage output, convenient to use.

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Intensive care ventilator
Portable ventilator
Latest MEMS Sensor chip technology
High accuracy, quick response, good repeatability
Detection microflow accurately
It is calibrated completely and temperature compensated

Model No. F1031V
Measuring Range 150 SLM
Max. Full Scale Output 4.66 V
Max. Zero Output 0.55 V
Output Impedance 1000 Ω
Max. Working Voltage 14 V
Working Current 25mA
Output Drift 0.12 %/℃
Signal Noise 10 mV(Vrms)
Power Consumption 125 mW/5V
Working Pressure 100 kPa
Length (mm) 83
Width (mm) 30
Height (mm) 30
Weight (gm) 80


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