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Velodyne’s new PUCK (VLP-16) sensor is the smallest, newest, and most advanced product in Velodyne’s 3D LiDAR product range. Vastly more cost-effective than similarly priced sensors, and developed with mass production in mind, it retains the key features of Velodyne’s breakthroughs in LiDAR: Real-time, 360°, 3D distance, and calibrated reflectivity measurements.

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Dual Returns
Velodyne sensors support a dual return mode that enables lidar applications to more accurately capture the details of complex environments, such as forests, infrastructure and buildings, which contain scattered small objects and non-opaque surfaces.
Real-Time 3D LiDAR
The VLP-16 has a range of 100 m, and the sensor’s low power consumption (~8 W), light weight (830 g), compact footprint (~Ø103 mm x 72 mm), and dual return capability make it ideal not only for autonomous vehicles but also robotics and mobile terrestrial 3D mapping applications.
Patented Surround View Technology
The Puck, built on Velodyne’s ‘558 patent, provides a full 360-degree environmental view to deliver accurate real-time 3D data.
100 m range with the compact form factor
Higher-resolution option in the Puck family
Proven, Class 1 eye-safe 905 nm technology
Best-in-class accuracy and calibrated intensity
Best-in-class power & temperature range
Sensor-to-sensor interference mitigation feature
Versatile, with attractive volume pricing
Dual Returns

Field of View (Vertical) ± 10°
Field of View (Horizontal) 360°
Returns Type Dual
No. of Channels 16 channels
Range 100m
Points per second Up to ~600,000


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