US-100 Ultrasonic Sensor Distance Measuring Module with Temperature Compensation


This is the US-100 Ultrasonic Sensor Distance Measuring Module with Temperature Compensation. The US-100 Ultrasonic Sensor can measure or detect the object in the range of 2 cm to 450 cm distance. This US-100 has 2.4V to 4.5V wide voltage input range, the static function GPIO, a serial variety of communication methods, within the band watchdog, stable and reliable.

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The US-100 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Module operates from a wide voltage range and provides both digital and serial data output modes.

The US-100 features accurate temperature corrected range detection. It can output the distance in millimeters using a serial data output mode. Alternatively, the distance can be calculated by measuring the amount of time that a digital output is held high.

This sensor can be used with both 3.3V and 5V microcontrollers and only consumes 2mA when idle.
It features temperature compensation.
It has high precision up to 1 mm
Provides two output modes level or UART.
Detecting distance is from 2 cm to 450 cm
TTL Trigger input
TTL Echo output


Operating Voltage (VDC) 2.4 to 5
Frequency(Hz) 40000
Average Current Consumption (mA) 2
Max. Sensing Distance (cm) 450
Sensing Angle 15°
Sensor Cover Dia. (mm) 16
PCB Size ( L x W ) mm 45 x 20
Weight (gm) 9
Working Temperature(°C) 20 to 70


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