Tri-Fold Rivets

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Tri Bulb Rivets are a special kind of rivet. They are often referred to as exploding rivets due to the way they expand, and also tri tite, bulb tite, and olympic rivets. These rivets have three notches cut into the body of the rivet. They are installed much like a pop rivet, using a riveter to pull the mandrel towards the hat. As the mandrel is pulled in towards the hat, the three sections bend forming three legs. These three legs hold tightly onto the installation surface. Tri-fold rivets break off at the head much like a typical pop rivet will. Bulb rivets come in many varieties. Weather tight bulb rivets come with an attached EDPM (rubber) washer set at the base of the hat. When installed these hats push the washer into the pre-drilled hole forming a watertight seal.

  • Non-corrosive
  • Sturdiness
  • Impeccable finish


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