Time of Flight (ToF) Range Finder Sensor – VL6180 (Sparkfun)

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This is the SparkFun Time of Flight (ToF) Range Finder Sensor – VL6180 (Sparkfun), a sensor board for the VL6180 distance sensor. Unlike most distance sensors that rely on reflected light intensity or reflected angles to determine the range, the VL6180 uses a precise clock to measure the time it takes light to bounce back from a surface.

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This affords the ToF Range Finder and VL6180 a great benefit over other methods because it can be much more accurate and more immune to noise. Does this technology sound familiar? Well it should, it’s the same means cellphones use to detect when the caller is holding their phone to their ear.
Smartphones/portable touchscreen devices.
Tablet/laptop/gaming devices.
Domestic appliances/industrial devices.
2.8V Regulator – Provides the required 2.8V for the sensor
I2C Level Shifter – Provides logic level conversion from 2.8V to VCC
3-in-1 Module
IR Emitter
Range Sensor
Ambient Light Sensor
Measures absolute range up to 10cm
Gesture Recognition
I2C Interface
Two Programmable GPIO
Sharp Sensor Board Layout.

Operating voltage (VDC) 5
Measures absolute range (cm) 10
Mounting hole diameter (mm) 3.2
Length (mm) 44.3
Width(mm) 13.5
Height(mm) 3
Weight (gm) Approx 1


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