TFMini Micro LiDAR Distance Sensor for Drones UAV UAS Robots (12m)


The TFMini micro LiDAR distance sensor for drones UAV UAS robots (12m) Laser Range Finder sensor has its unique optical, structural, and electronic designs, the product possesses 3 major advantages, low cost, tiny volume and low power consumption.

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It has built-in algorithm adapted to indoor and outdoor environments can guarantee an excellent ranging performance at a low cost and in a tiny volume, which highly expands the application fields and scenarios of LiDAR and lays a solid foundation for future “eyes” in the smart era.
Unidirectional ranging LiDAR.
Obstacle avoidance.
Assisted landing.
Terrain following.
Robots outdoor obstacle avoidance.
Intelligent parking. Crane operations.
Vehicle position sensing.
Vehicle detection for barrier gate control.
High-precision & High-speed measurement.
Eye-safe infrared LED light.
Compact size, lightweight.
Good performance for height fixing and terrain-following drones.

Model TFMini micro LiDAR
Operating Distance Range (Meter) 0.3 ~ 12
Average Power Consumption (W) 0.12
Operating Voltage (VDC) 4.5 ~ 6
Acceptance Angle 2.3°
Accuracy 1% (less than 6m), 2% (6m-12m)
Communication Interface UART
Lense Viewing Angle (FOV)
Frequency Range 100Hz
Light Sensitivity 70,000Lux
Resolution Ratio 5 mm
Wavelength (nm) 850
Dimensions in mm (LxWxH) 42 x 15 x 16
Weight (gm) 7


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