TCRT5000L 5 Channel Tracking Sensor Tracking Module Infrared Sensor


TCRT5000L 5 Channel Tracking Sensor Tracking Module Infrared Sensor is based on the TRCT5000 infrared reflection sensor, it is often used to make tracking smart cars. The infrared emitting diode of the TRCT5000 sensor continuously emits infrared rays. When the emitted infrared rays are reflected by the object, they are received by the infrared receiver and output analogue values.

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The output analogue value is related to the object distance and the colour of the object. The position of the tracking line is judged by calculating the analogue value of the five outputs.

VCC: VCC is the power input port, which could access 3.3V ~ 5V voltage
GND: GND is the negative input of the power supply
OUT1 ~ 5:OUT is the signal output port, MCU link I / O port
Applicable to a variety of platforms including for Arduino /AVR/ARM/PIC
High-Quality Tracker Sensor
The module is a convenient carrier for eight IR emitter and receiver pairs evenly paced.
Uses 5 sensors for best resolution
Distance between each IR Sensor: 15mm
Great useful in building fast line following and grid navigating robots
Comes with easy to use digital outputs with a direct connection to microcontrollers
The array has mounting holes of 3mm diameter for easy mounting
Status LED on each sensor for the detection of black line

No. of Channel 5
Measurements of Distance 1 cm ~ 1.5 cm
Length (mm) 100
Width (mm) 20
Width (mm) 12
Weight (gm) 16


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