TCRT5000 Single Channel Line Tracking Sensor Module


TCRT5000 Single Channel Line Tracking Sensor Module is a carrier board for TCRT5000 reflective optical sensor. Although it is designed for use with line-following robots, it can be used in mini-sumo robots for line control. The board has a digital output.

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The concept of working of line follower sensor is related to light. We use here the behavior of light at the black and white surface. When light fall on a white surface it is almost fully reflected and in case of black surface light is completely absorbed. This behavior of light is used in building a line follower sensor.

Each phototransistor is connected to a pull-up resistor to form a voltage divider that produces an analog voltage output between 0 V and VIN (which is typically 5 V) as a function of the reflected IR. The lower output voltage is an indication of greater reflection.
Working voltage of 5V, the output of the black line low, white line of high output
Uses Infrared Light to Detect Anti-Interference Ability
Sensors to adopt TCRT5000 High Sensitivity, Stable Performance
Exquisite workmanship, with the indicator
Has a fixed bolt hole for easy installation

Operating Voltage (VDC) 3.3 ~ 5

Supply Current (A) ≥ 20mA
Optimal Sensing Distance(mm) 3
Output Format A Analog and Digital Voltage
Length (mm) 42
Width (mm) 10
Height (mm) 10
Weight (gm) 2


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