TBS Triumph Circular Polarized Antenna RP-SMA (Copy)

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Manufactured and tested to highest standards
Best in class range and signal quality
Extra compact and low weight
Ultrasonic welded and foam infused cover for ultimate crash-protection
Double-jacket semi-rigid cable for heavy impact resistance

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While other antennas rely on copycat designs the TBS Triumph FPV antenna RP-SMA takes a giant leap in 5.8 GHz antenna technology. Video Aerial Systems LLC (IBcrazy) and Team-BlackSheep have come together to re-invent how the modern 5.8 circular polarized antennae should look and perform.


Connector Male RP-SMA
Polarization RHCP
Frequency range 5500-6000MHz
Gain 1.26dbic
Axial Ratio 0.74
Cable RG402 (heavy duty)


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