TBS 500 Glass Fiber Frame Kit-(Copy)

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Model : TBS 500
Material : Carbon Fiber + Polyamide Nylon
Wheelbase (mm) : 500
Weight (gm) : 400
Arm Size (L x W) mm : 220 x 40
Motor Mounting Hole Dia. (mm) : 3

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This quadcopter frame with the wheelbase of 500mm is specially intended to provide lots of mounting space. It is well known for aerial video shooting and photography as it has special Gimbal housing provision at front. The TBS quadcopter frames outperform similar quads in terms of FPV range and video link quality.

Features :

  1. Made by advanced engineering material, super strong & smooth
  2. The arm equips support ridges for better and faster forward flight.
  3. Features pre-threaded brass sleeves.
  4. The large mounting tab for camera mounting.


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