Tarot GoPro Gimbal T-3D V Metal Brushless Gimbal (3-Axis)

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Tarot GOPRO Gimbal T-3D V gimbal is a 3-axis gimbal system specially made for GoPro 5,6,7, adopted with TAROT’s latest gyroscope technology, the gimbal is CNC from aluminum alloy with excellent finishing, very lightweight, and enhanced durability.

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The gimbal controller has inputs for you to control the movement thru the RC receivers, such as Pan, Tilt, Follow Mode, or FPV Mode, upgradable firmware, and configure thru USB dongle (* included) and PC software (* only PC, no Mac version!).


Input power 3S-6S Li(11V-26V)
Operating current 30mA (@ 25V)/50mA (@ 12V)
Stall current 350mA (@ 25V)/700mA (@ 12V)
Attitude control accuracy ±0.02 degrees
Rotation direction (PAN) ±200 °/s
Tilt direction (TILT) ±200 °/s
Rolling direction (ROLL) ±200 °/s
Rotation direction (PAN) ±330 °
Tilt direction (TILT) -135 °to + 45 °
Rolling direction (ROLL) ±48 °
Working temperature -20 ℃ ~ +50 ℃
Maximum dimensions 60x75x100mm


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