T Motor V505 KV260

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Sharp Take off and Steady Landing
Strong overload ability & environmental adaptiveness
No need for a power replacement power setup in 3000 meters Below altitude environment

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T-MOTOR V505 KV260 Brushless Motor For Vertical Take-off And Landing Fixed-wing VTOL Rotor UAV Power Motor designed for VTOL power system with abundant power, big bull-to-weight ratio strong overload ability & environment adaptiveness features guarding for every flight. Optimized special high temperature-resistant enameled wire high temperature resistant curved magnets strengthen the passive heat-resistant ability. centrifugal fan structure, improving the active hand dissipation capacity of the motor
Motor/KV : V505 KV260
Motor Size (mm): φ55.6*38.9
Stator Technology: Anti-rust Treatment 180°c high-temperature resisting coating
Configuration: 24N28p
Shaft Diameter (mm): IN:6 OUT:4
Bearing: Imported 696zz
Magnet Temperature Resistance Grade: class E 150°c
Lead (mm): 16AWG*600
Coil Withdraw Voltage: 500v/5s
Rotor Dynamic Balanced Standard (mg):<5mg


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