T Motor U8II KV100

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T Motor U8II KV100 is a powerful drone motor having small permanent magnets made from iron and cobalt alloys. Using special alloys in the magnets makes them able to be smaller and lighter. Lithium-ion batteries are currently used to power drones as the weight-to-power storage ratio is better than any other battery.

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Silver winding for faster response
Specially design curved Magnets
Efficiency increased by 15%
Improved Temperature efficiency
Flight time 5% longer
Max. Thrust 7.3kg
Motor protection IP55
Motor service life– 1500 flights (40mins/flight)

Rated KV: 100
Rated Voltage ( Lipo): 12S
Motor Weight (Incl. Cable): 272g
Propeller Recommendation: 27-28″
Idle Current ( 18V ): 0.7A
Internal Resistance 170±5m0
Peak Current ( 180s ) 29.3A


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