T Motor U15Ⅱ KV100 BLDC drone motor

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For freight transport and manned uav programs
Higher waterproof and dust-resistance level

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High efficient magnets are adopted to U15Il for stable output and constant efficiency in harsh environment. Simulated analyses are carried out based on the stress under operating condition in axial and radial directions. Redesigned custom bearing contribute to prolong the bearing life to 1000h under trouble-free operation. Wound with military grade high-temperature resistant enameled wires: Level C temperature resistance.

Model: U15Ⅱ KV100
Ideal current: 3.8A
Max. continuous: 143A
Configurations: 36N24P
Internal resistance: 12mΩ
Shaft diameter: 12mm
Lead: Enameled wired
No. of cell lipo: 12-24s
Cable length: 100mm
KV: KV100
Motor diameter: 147.5 x 55mm


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