T Motor Navigator MN601-S KV320 – 2PCS/SET


Strong power, long service life
Excellent cooling performance
Anti-high temperature/Anti-overload

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Semi-closed design introduced to MN601 grid-shaped structure of bell cap allows efficient ventilation while protecting motors from dust and other debris . The grid-shaped inlet holes on the base further keep motors away from foreign objects even when motors are mounted upside down. Alloy shaft bearing varnished wire silicon steel sheet magnet and bell are treated with the latest anti-rust and anti-corrosion technology. it grants the motor parts remarkable protection

Motor Size (mm): φ68.8*34.9
Stator Technology: anti rust treatment ; 150°c high temperature resisting coating
Configuration: 24N28p
Shaft Diameter (mm): IN:6 OUT:6
Bearing: Imported 626zz
Magnet Temperature Resistance Grade: class E 150°c
Lead (mm): 16AWG*150
Coil Insulation Test: 500v
Rotor Dynamic Balanced Standard (mg):<5mg


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