T Motor Navigator MN3110 470 KV

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This T-Motor Navigator MN3110 470 KV equips larger, upgraded stator bearings to reduce eddy current loss. This results in greater power and efficiency.
These motors are specially meant for your Quadcopters or other types of Multirotors like Tri, Hexa, etc.
With qualities of durability in use and high-efficiency in performance supported by the high quality of the material, it is the perfect hit at your RC Model requirement.

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Model MN4014 4000 KV
Working Current 1.5-7.4
Rated Power (W) 22-164
Rated Speed (RPM) 4000
Efficiency 13-6
Operating Temperature Range (°C) 40-44
Internal Resistance(Ω) 135
Shaft Diameter (mm) 4
Stator Size (mm) 31
Allowed Wire Size (AWG) 18
No. of Cells 3-6S
Configuration 12N14P
Ideal Current @10v 0.3A
Max Continues current 180S 15A


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