T Motor Navigator MN2212 V2.0 920 KV

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By leveraging many test data we can ensure that MN2212 is a flawless motor.
Flexible mount holes design to match different relevant parts which can install main props in the current market.
Flexible mounting hole for many kinds of frame {Standard 16*19mm and 19*25mm mounting holes}

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T-motor MN2xxx series motors come with bearing twice as large as the same size motor. Qualified big ball bearing, which suits low-speed smooth running and allows for a stable frame against pressure is put into application precision.
Model : T Motor Navigator MN2212 V2.0 920 KV.
Working Current : 1.6-8.1
Rated Power (W) : 17-89
Rated Speed (RPM) : 4400-7800
Efficiency : 9.91-6.86
Maximum RPM : 7800
Internal Resistance(Ω) : 142
Stator Size (mm) : 22
Allowed Wire Size (AWG) : 20
No. of Cells : 2-4S


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