T Motor MN501-S KV360


Strong power ,long service life
Excellent cooling performance
Anti-high temperature/Anti-overload

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Motor size: 55.6°33.9mm
Stator Imported silicon steel sheet; Anti-rust treatment; 150°Chigh temperature-resisting coatings
Configuration 24N28P
Shaft Diameter IN: 6mm, OUT: 4mm
Bearing: Imported 696ZZ
Magnet Level: 180°C high temperature resistance
Silicon Cable: 16AWG x 150MM
Copper Wire: 220°C high temperature resistance: Level C
Coil Insulation Test: 500V
Centrifugal Cooling Design: YES
Rotor Dynamic Balance Standard: <5Mg
Motor Dynamic Balance Standard: <10Mg
IP: IP45
KV: 360
Idle Current ( 15V): 1.4A
Peak Current (180s ): 40A
Max. Power (180s ): 1000w
Internal Resistance: 45mQ.
Rated Voltage (Lipo): 6s
ESC Recommendation: AIR 40A
Propeller Recommendation: 17-18″
Motor Weight (Incl. Cable): 175g
Package Weight: 350g


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