T motor MF3016 polymer folding propeller

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Durable plastic construction provides both lightness and rigidity.
Very strong and lightweight.
Quick to release, quick to attach
New design propellers, with greater aerodynamic efficiency, and good lifting capacity.

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T-MOTOR patented design improves the efficiency of longer flights. A special design of a winglet is employed to weaken the vortex and improve efficiency. Each prop is challenging the limit of injection technology and mold for 0.25mm trailing edge, airflow interference reduction and lift-drag ratio increase.

Heat insulating coating of high shading degree is employed to the surface to protect props from ultraviolet. The prop material of heat endurance enables long time flight under high temperature.

CFD Fluid Simulation:

The ideal aerodynamic interaction is achieved with the help of T-MOTOR propeller performance forecast program. The final propeller design came out from more than 10 candidates after comparison on targeted working condition.

CAE Finite Element Analysis:

Fluid-solid coupling technology is employed to analyze the structure by adding load distribution of fluid simulation onto the propeller for
tangible monitoring over the condition of each part.


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