T Motor GB4106 Precision Gimbal Motor

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Light weight
Easy to use
Plug and play device
Best for your projects
Highly Precision Gimbal Motor

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This T-Motor GB4106 motor comes with flush mounting so any DIY to PRO projects are simple and straightforward. It’s a perfect match to our Brushless Gimbal Stabilization Board and IMU. The GB4106 KV53 Brushless Gimbal Motor is pre-wound for optimal torque and smoothness. Available in two sizes, picked for the two most common class cameras.


Model GB4106
Rated voltage(Li-Po) 3-6S
KV 53
Cable length 35cm
Configuration 12N14P
Motor torsion 0.4kg/4s
Motor weight 70g
Hole size 5.6mm
Internal resistance 15.3Ω
Motor dimension 47.75 x 20mm


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