T Motor FLAME 80A 12S V2.0 ESC

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Output: Continuous 80A, Burst 105A up to 10 Secs.
Input Voltage: 6-12 cells lithium battery.
Refresh Rate: 600Hz
Protection: IP57
Signal Frequency: Up to 621Hz

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The Flame 80A HV V2 ESC by Tiger Motor provides professional-level power for large multi-rotor aircraft. The ESC is housed in a machined aluminum case providing both heat dissipation and protection.

Separate voltage regulator IC for the microprocessor to get a better anti-jamming capability.
Multiple protection features: Low-voltage cut-off protection / over-heat protection/throttle signal loss protection.
USB supported. The firmware of the ESC can be updated by the USB adapter.
Several kinds of Program Cards are supported. Very easy to program the ESC at home or at the field.
Smooth, linear, quick, and precise throttle response.


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