T Motor Antigravity MN8012 KV100

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Ultra-light, high efficiency
Motor Weight:351g,
Power Ratio:34
220ºC high-temperature resistance Wires
Anti-rust treatment Stator with 180°C high temperature-resisting coatings

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T Motor Antigravity MN8012 KV100 is a brushless drone motor that has high power, a fast reaction speed, and stable operation. MN8012 series Brushless motor from tiger motors provides high efficiency, low power consumption, and energy-saving performance

Configuration: 36N42
PRated Voltage(Lipo) 12S
Internal Resistance: 85mΩ
Rated KV: 100
Idle Current (24V): 1.0A
Peak Current (180s): 40A
Max. Power (180s): 1873W
Motor Size: Φ87.8 * 29mm
Shaft Diameter IN: 12mm Bearing Imported 6901ZZ
Magnet Level: 180t high-temperature resistance
Cable Size: 16AWG*90mm Copper
Coil Insulation Test 1OOOV/Ss
Rotor Dynamic Balance Standard 15Mg
Protection: IP IP35
Weight (with Cable): 351 g
Package Weight: 600 g


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