T Motor Antigravity MN5008 KV340

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Antigravity T Motor contains a unique cooling design so that ventilation of winding is well, perfect dynamic test make motor easier to speed up and run more stably. Antigravity Tiger motor has excellent assembling workmanship with great rotor dynamic balance.

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Motor Size : 55.6*32mm
Stator : Imported Silicon steel sheet; Anti-rust treatment; 180degree celsius high tempreature-resisting coatings
Configuration : 24N28P
Shaft Diameter : IN: 6mm
Bearing : Imported 696ZZ
Magnet Level : 150degree celsius high tempreature-resistance LEVEL E
Lead Cable : 80mm
Copper Wire : 180degree celsius high tempreature-resistance LEVEL H
Coil Insulation Test : 500V
Centrifugal Cooling Design : Yes
Rotor Dynamic Balance standard : 15mg
Motor Dynamic Balance standard : 10mg
IP : IP35


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