Supfire Portable Double Groove Battery Charger

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This is SupFire Multifunction Portable two-slot charger. Supports multiple battery charging (18650 18490 26650 16340 14550 10440 Rechargeable Batteries) with Intelligent anti-reverse protection. The USB cable comes with a storage function.

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The Two charging slots are independently controlled, without any interference. The Charger Automatically stops charging when the battery is full.
Support multiple type battery charging
Intelligent anti-reverse protection
Automatically stop charging when fully charged
Independent working on each slot with LED indicator
A USB cable with storage slot
Compact and easy for carrying while traveling

Model AC26
Compatible Battries 26650, 18650 , 18490 16340 , 14500, 10440
Cable 23cm (non-detachable)
Color Black
Input Voltage(V) DC 5
Output Voltage(V) DC 4.2V 500mA (Max)
Slot 2 slots with led indicator
Length(mm) 125
Width(mm) 64
Height(mm) 40
Weight(g) 94


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