Standard 5V 3A Power Supply with Micro USB Plug


This adapter is compatible to handle up to 3A current so applications like toy cars, CCTV Cameras, Routers, Modems, Cordless Phones, Set-Top Boxes, Wireless Devices, and POS Machines are compatible with this adapter.

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This is a durable product with a 6-month warranty.
The adapter is easy to use.
It comes with a long wire.
Wide input voltage range (100VAC-280VAC).
Very low no-load power consumption.
Very low ripple & noise output for device safety.
Protections against- under-over voltage/ overload/ short circuit with auto-restart on fault removal.
Thermal shut down (140°C) with auto-restart on cold condition.
Soft start & low inrush current.
Isolation up to 3kv for 5 sec. time period.
High operating ambient temperature up to 60°C.
Highly efficient, compact, durable and long life.

Brand Name Orange
Input Voltage (V AC) 100 ~ 240
Input current (mA) 100
Output Voltage(V) 5
Max. Output Current (A) 3
Output Power(Watt) 15
Load regulation (%) ±5
Input Plug 2-Pin EU type
Output Adapter Type (mm) Micro USB
Connecting cable Length (m) 1.1
Material ABS Plastic
Color Black
Length (mm) 72
Width (mm) 46
Height (mm) 32
Weight (gm) 105


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