SpeedyBee SB-F4V3-50-STACK

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MCU : STM32F405
IMU(Gyro) : BMI270
USB Port Type : Type-C
Barometer : Built-in
OSD Chip : AT7456E chip
BLE Bluetooth : Supported. Used for Flight Controller configuration
SmartPort : Use any TX pad of UART for the SmartPort feature.
Supported Flight Controller Firmware : BetaFlight(Default), EMUFlight, INAV

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You will get an STM32F405 FC (better than F411), onboard 4-level battery life indicator, 4GB Blackbox SD card slot for your flight logs, 4 groups of LED strip pads, complete with a DJI plug for your digital quad, and built-in Bluetooth for wireless configuration on the SpeedyBee app. Don’t forget about the powerful 50A 4-in-1 ESC, built with TVS protective diode + Japan-made TDK SMT capacitors + external 1500uF low ESR capacitor, everything is for durable build and smooth flight.


  1. Built-in barometer for accurate height calculation
  2. SD Card slot can support up to 4GB Blackbox data
  3. Dedicated DJI Air Unit connector for a quick digital build
  4.  9V 2A + 5V 2A individual BECs
  5.  4 x UARTs for your receiver + VTX + camera + GPS.
  6.  Power your GPS with a USB cable – no battery needed


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