SparkFun Proximity Sensor Breakout – 20cm, VCNL4040 (Qwiic)


The SparkFun Proximity Sensor Breakout is a simple IR presence and ambient light sensor utilizing the VCNL4040. This type of sensor is often seen in the automatic towel and soap dispensers or automatic faucets. With the ability to detect objects qualitatively up to 20cm away, you will be able to detect if something is there and if it is closer or further away since the last reading.

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Utilizing our handy Qwiic system, no soldering is required to connect it to the rest of your system. However, we still have broken out 0.1″-spaced pins in case you prefer to use a breadboard.

The SparkFun Proximity Sensor Breakout is a great digital alternative to the popular analog-based Sharp sensors. The VCNL4040 has no dead zone and can read all the way up to the face of the sensor. This sensor also has an ambient light sensor built in it which is excellent if you need a digital light sensor for your next glitter cannon.
Integrated modules: the infrared emitter (IRED), ambient light sensor (ALS), proximity sensor (PS), and signal conditioning IC
Operates ALS and PS in parallel structure
FiltronTM technology adoption for robust background light cancellation
Low power consumption I2C (SMBus compatible) interface
Floor life: 168 h, MSL 3, according to J-STD-020
No Dead Zone

Operating Voltage (VDC) 2.5 ~ 3.6
I2C Address 0x60
Qualitative Detection Range 20cm
Length (mm) 40
Width (mm) 20
Height (mm) 11
Weight (gm) 10


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