SparkFun GPS Breakout – NEO-M9N, U.FL (Qwiic)



  1. 92-Channel GNSS Receiver
  2. 1.5m Horizontal Accuracy
  3. 25Hz Max Update Rate (4 concurrent GNSS)
  4. Supports NMEA, UBX, and RTCM protocols over UART or I2C interfaces
  5. Software Configurable Geofencing ,Odometer ,Spoofing Detection ,External Interrupt
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GPS modules contain tiny processors and antennas that directly receive data sent by satellites through dedicated RF frequencies. From there, it’ll receive timestamp from each visible satellites, along with other pieces of data


  1. Integrated U.FL connector for use with antenna of your choice
  2. Max Altitude: 80,000m
  3. Max G: ≤4
  4. Max Velocity: 500m/s
  5. Velocity Accuracy: 0.05m/s
  6. Heading Accuracy: 0.3 degrees
  7. Time Pulse Accuracy: 30ns
  8.  VCC: 3.3V
  9.  I/O Current Consumption: 31mA Tracking GPS+GLONASS


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