SKYRC D260 Charger (Original)

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SkyRC D260 is a dual-channel AC/DC charger, which features an intuitive interface, and its button design makes it incredibly easy to operate. With two independent circuits and the ability to charge batteries up to 6S at a maximum of 14A per channel, D260 is a smart choice for RC hobbyists.

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Supports up to 6S Lithium Batteries
Terminal Voltage Control
Re-Peak Mode for NiMH/NiCd Battery
Battery Voltage Meter
Battery Internal Resistance Meter
Power Supply Output 260W/5-25V
USB Port for PC Communication snd Firmware Upgrade
Can Charge Two Different Batteries on Two Different Channels

Input Voltage (V AC) 110 ~ 240
DC Input Voltage Range (V) 11 ~ 18
Output Power(Watt) 2 x 130W
Charge Current Range (A) (0.1 ~ 14) X 2
Maximum Discharge Power (W) 10 x 2
Discharge Current Range (A) (0.1 ~2.0) x 2
Drain Current for Balancing Li-Po’s (mA/Cell) 500
Li-ion/Po cell count 1 ~ 6
NiCd/NiMH cell count 1 ~ 15 Cells
Pb battery voltage 2 ~ 20
Length (mm) 160
Width (mm) 150
Height (mm) 71
Weight (gm) 896


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