SKYRC BD250 2-8S LiPo/LiFe Battery Discharger / Analyzer

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The SkyRC BD250 is a powerful discharging device that allows the user to discharge a battery at up to 35 amps or 250 watts and also measures and compares the performance of batteries. BD250 allows for the precise measurement of battery capacity and takes the guesswork out of choosing the best battery for your application.

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The BD250 is much more than a simple battery discharger or a battery load tester. It will test virtually any type or size of the battery, any chemistry or number of cells, up to 35 volts.

It is small with a high-performance cooling system and uses MOS fets from the well-known brand IXYS, to make sure it can discharge at 250 watts continuously.
It displays real-time battery voltage, discharged capacity, and discharge current.
It can test battery capacity that helps select batteries with desired capacity.
It saves time when the user wishes to store their large-capacity batteries.
It helps activate the best performance of your batteries during racing competitions.

Discharge Voltage Range (V) 5.40 – 35.00
Low Voltage Alert <5.2V
High Voltage Alert >35V
Maximum Discharge Power (W) 250
Discharge Current Range (A) 0.01 – 35.00
Current Consumption in Sleep Mode <100uA
Current Display Accuracy 0.01-10.00A ±60mA
10.00-35.00A ±3%
Voltage Display Accuracy 5.4-10V <80mV 10-20V <120mV 20-35V <160mV
Capacity Display Accuracy ±3%
Dimensions (mm) LxWxH 136.6 x 104.8 x 107
Weight (gm) 879


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