SeeedStudio Grove Line Finder v1.1


The Grove – Line Finder v1.1 is a small-sized device, so it doesn’t require too much space on the project dashboard. You can also adjust its detecting range. It uses the LMV358 comparator and the RS-06WD photo-reflective diode to carry out the line following tasks. The Line Finder comes with a 4 pin Buckled Grove interface.

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This Line Finder can output a digital signal to a microcontroller, so the robot can reliably follow a black line on a white background or vice versa. The line finder works on TTL digital output mode. The output becomes HIGH when black is detected and LOW when white is detected.
High to low digital output
Adjustable detecting range
IR emitting LED and sensitive phototransistor
Grove compatible interface
Small size

Operating Voltage (VDC) 5
Length (mm) 25
Width (mm) 20
Height (mm) 11
Mounting hole diameter (mm) 2
Weight (gm) 1 (approx)


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