SeeedStudio Grove HCHO Sensor


The Grove – HCHO Sensor is a semiconductor VOC gas sensor. Its design is based on WSP2110 whose conductivity changes with the concentration of VOC gas in the air. Through the circuit, the conductivity can be converted to an output signal that corresponds to the gas concentration.

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This sensor can detect the gas whose concentration is up to 1ppm. It’s suitable for detecting formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and other volatile components. This product can be used to detect harmful gas in the home environment. Therefore, it’s a good assistant for you to improve the indoor environment quality of life.
Pin Description
GND The weight of the system.
VCC The supply voltage is 5 V.
NC Not connected.
SIG Sensor output signal.

Model Grove HCHO Sensor WSP
Operating Voltage(V) 5.0V ± 0.3V
Target Gases HCHO
Detecting Range 1~50 ppm
Sensitivity Rs(in air)/Rs(10ppm HCHO)≥5
Sensor Resistance 10KΩ-100KΩ(in 10ppm HCHO)


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