SeeedStudio Grove GPS (Air530)

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GPS tracker
GPS navigation
Distance measurement
Car navigation

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Supply voltage 3.3V/5V
Working Current up to 60mA
Interface UART
Time of warm start 4s
Time of cold boot 30s
Working Temperature -35°C-85°C
Storage Temperature -55°C-100°C
Time of Positioning Pure hardware cold start: 27.5s
Pure hardware hot start :<1S Pure hardware recapture:<1S Software-assisted A-GNSS:<5S
Sensitivity Cold start: 148dBm
Hot Start: 162dBm
Recapture: 164dBm
Track: 166dBm
Accuracy Horizontal positioning accuracy: 2.5m
High positioning accuracy: 3.5m
Speed accuracy: 0.1m/s
Time transfer accuracy: 30ns


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