SeeedStudio Grove Creator Kit – Alpha (20 in 1 Sensor Kit)


We have the Grove Creator Kit – Alpha (20 in 1 Sensor Kit) especially for “creators” like you. This kit will help you get rid of traditional soldering and complicated wiring, thus it will save a lot of wiring time! In other words, from now on, you don’t have to spend time correcting the wiring, even in the wrong polarity!

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This kit has 20 different Grove modules for a never-ending session of creativity! You can use it altogether with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or micro:bit. Each module comes in a protective plastic packet. Likewise, all modules are placed in a plastic box (kit). As a result, this kit helps to keep safe all of your modules and cables after prototyping. This plastic box kit is designed to be handy so that you can carry all modules wherever you go!
Carefully selected Grove sensors (input) and actuators (output)
20 different Grove modules in a kit
All modules are packed in protective plastic bags
Grove connector cables
Comes with 107 colored pages printed manual book
Compatible with:
i) Arduino, requires Grove Base Shield
ii) Raspberry Pi, requires GrovePi HAT
iii) micro:bit, requires BitMaker or BitMaker Lite

Length (mm) 205
Width (mm) 150
Height (mm) 60
Weight (gm) 430


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