Safeconnect XT90 male to XT60 female with Wired

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Safe connect XT90 male to XT60 female is a handy adapter to convert an XT60 equipped battery to an XT90 plug. Useful for use with an XT90 equipped ESC or Charge lead. It is a commonly used and needful converter in many DIY projects as well as in robotics projects to connect the various power source to the applications.

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Great for adapting your XT60 batteries for use with chargers/ESCs that don’t provide an XT60 adapter.
The quick, easy and affordable solution for your mismatched connector.
Saves you money and soldering time.
Use to convert your battery’s XT60 connector to an XT90 connector.
Great for use with RC planes, helis, cars, and trucks.


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