SafeConnect XT60/JST Plug Extension Cable for DJI Phantom Quadcopter Aerial Gimbal


This SafeConnect XT60/JST Plug Extension Cable adapter is used to supply power for the camera mount gimbal so that you do not need an extra battery or additions Connections onboard to power the gimbal any more.

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We fabricate this special purpose adapter at SafeConnect labs with the best quality 14 AWG cable as well as Branded high-quality AMAAS connectors with gold-plated contacts terminals. which provides good and tight electrical connection between the battery and your DJI Gimble for your flawless shoots while flying.
How it Works
XT60 Male connector is provided to Connect the external Battery.
XT60 Female connector is provided to connect the battery to the Drone power Terminal.
And JST Female is provided to Connect and Power the Gimble Assembly parallelly with DJI Drone.
Suit for DJI Phantom quadcopter aerial gimbal.

Cable Length 14 cm with Connector
Weight 15gm
Cable thickness 14 AWG
Battery Side Connector XT60 Male
Drone Side Connector XT60 Female
Gimble side Connector JST Female
Connector Type XT60 Male to XT60 Female
Current Capacity (A) 15 (20A max)
Length of Cable (cm) 10.5
Total length of connector (cm) 14


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