SafeConnect XT60 Harness for Parellel (1M2F)


This SafeConnect XT60 Harness for Parallel Connection (1M-2F) provides 1 male XT60 connections from 2 female XT60 connector. It provides an extra power source in drone or RC car. 1 female to 2 male connection.

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You need this converter when you have two batteries (eg. 2 pieces 2200mAh 35C in the same voltage and same capacity), and you would like to increase the capacity into 4400mAh. This is a common method to increase the capacity when people need to fly with the multirotor helicopter.
Designed for heavy-duty.
High Power Application.

Connector Type 1 Male, 2 Female
Connector Material Gold Plated
Constant Current capacity (A) 60
Max Current Capacity (A) 65 (30 sec)
Length (mm) 39
Width (mm) 18
Height (mm) 18
Weight (gm) 12


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