Safeconnect XT-60 Female to Male T-Connector


This Safeconnect XT-60 Female to Male T-Connector adapter can convert an XT60 equipped battery to a T-Connector plug for use with a T-Connector equipped ESC or a T-Connector Charge lead. It is commonly used in many DIY projects as well as in robotics projects to connect the various power source to the applications.

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XT60 Female to Dean’s T Plug Male Connector.
Designed for heavy-duty.
High Power Application.

Connector Type XT60 Female + T-Connector Male
Connector Material Gold Plated Connector, Nylon case
Constant Current capacity (A) 20
Max Current capacity (A) 25 (30 sec)
Length (mm) 140
Width (mm) 16
Height (mm) 8
Weight (gm) 12
Cable Length (cm) 10
Cable Size (AWG) 14


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