Safeconnect HXT4mm with 14AWG Silicon Wire 10cm (Battery Side)-1Pcs


TheSafeConnect HXT4mm Connector with 14AWG Silicon Wire 10cm (Battery side) is useful while connecting your battery and ESC. These are widely used Li-PO battery connectors HXT4mm with 14AWG Silicon Wire 10cm makes the connection between the battery and motor easier.

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This connector with HXT4mm connectors at one end and open wire on other end are suitable for high power brushless and brushed ESC and motors which are used in RC helicopters, quadcopter, plane, and cars. They ensure high amp connections.
High-Quality Gold Plated Connector
Designed for heavy duty and Long life
Compatible with High Power Application

Connector HXT4mm
Metal Material Brass
Connection Battery Side
Connector Color Red
Wire Color Red, Black
Cable length 10 cm
Cable Thickness 14 AWG


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