S500 SK500 Quadcopter Frame Board PCB Version

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PCB for Model : S500 SK500
Material : Glass fiber
Length (mm) : 198
Width (mm) : 12
Height (mm) : 1.5
Weight (gm) : 85

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The S500 has strong, light, and have a sensible configuration including a PCB(Printed Circuit Board) with which you can directly solder your ESC‘s to the Quadcopter. So, making the Quadcopter build fast and easy. So, it avoids the use of extra PDB(Power Distribution Board) and makes the mounting clean and neat. The S500 Quadcopter Frame is a highly flexible frame during mounting of various components like flight controller, battery, etc.


  1. PCB for Model: S500 SK500
  2. Colour: Black.
  3. Weight: 83gm.
  4. Material: PCB Plate.


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